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  • In most cases, your vet will charge more for sub-q supplies and prescription foods than other sources. If you can save money on the basics, you will have money available to pay your vet for regular check ups.

  • The cheapest place for fluids is usually a local pharmacy, but you have to know where to go and what exactly to ask for.

  • Alternatively, there are good, reliable and cost effective online suppliers, both for fluid supplies and food.


Fluids                                                                                                                      Back to Page Index

  • Surgo Surgical Supply sells 1000ml bags of Lactated Ringers Solution for CAN$6.25 each. It also sells 500ml and 250ml bags if required.


  • Pacific Health Care sells 1000ml bags of LRS for CAN$5.95. You need to log in before you can access the website and view their catalogue, but if you want to check it out, either call or e-mail them (contact details are on their site) and they will send you a temporary login and password. They have advised me that shipping costs to those outside BC may mean it would be cheaper for such people to try to find a more local supplier, but they do ship all across Canada if required. 

  • Medical Mart can provide lactated ringers but don't give prices. In November 2011 they were charging CAN$7 for a 1000ml bag of LRS, or CAN$49.95 for 12, with no prescription required. Shipping is extra. I have been advised that it is easier to deal with Medical Mart if you phone them.

  • Canada Drugs also advertise as if they only supply to US customers but they will supply to Canadian customers as well, albeit only if you live outside the province where they are located (Manitoba). Again, the prices quoted on the site are in US dollars.

  • The Stevens Company has been recommended by somebody whose local branch was able to order fluids for her with a bag costing CAN$4.63 each, with a case of 12 costing less (January 2014). Fluid administration sets cost CAN$2.50 each if buying a case of 50.

  • Stat Health Care is a wholesale distributor in Calgary which sells one litre bags of lactated ringers for CAN$3.50 per bag, with a flat fee shipping charge of CAN$6-10. This company only sells within Alberta. The phone number is 403-297-0700.

  • One person found the cheapest place to obtain LRS fluids in Canada was from her local hospital's pharmacy - items not in stock can usually be ordered overnight and will be available for collection the next day.

Needles                                                                                                                      Back to Page Index

  • The Stevens Company sells 100 needles for CAN$8.10 (January 2014).


  • Pacific Health Care sells needles at CAN$8.95 for 100. You need to log in before you can access the website and view their catalogue, but if you want to check it out, either call or e-mail them (contact details are on their site) and they will send you a temporary login and password.


  • Regency Medical Supplies sell Terumo needles for CAN$11.99 for 100.

  • Medical Mart sells needles, though no prices are given. See page 19. I have been advised that it is easier to deal with Medical Mart if you phone them.

Prescription Diets                                                                                                   Back to Page Index

  • I'm afraid I haven't heard of any cheap food suppliers based in Canada as yet. If you know of any, please contact me.

  • In the meantime, you could ask about buying in bulk from your vet. Our cat, Harpsie, needed a prescription food which cost US$2 per 5.5 oz can. However, when we bought a case, the price fell to US$1.40 a can.

Medications and Other Supplies                                                                     Back to Page Index

  • Canada Chemists sell a variety of medications and pet supplies, including Azodyl.

Please also see the following pages:

  • Medicating Your Cat - for items to help make pilling less stressful for you both, such as Pill Pockets and gelcaps.


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If your cat appears to be in pain or distress, do not waste time on the internet, contact your vet immediately.



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